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Performance A 2.

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A GB hard drive spinning at 5, rpm booted the bit Windows 7 Home Premium operating system in 57 seconds, nearly on a par with the category average. With the resolution set to xthe DG was able to handle the graphically demanding Far Cry 2, moving at a Acer Aspire 5738DG 42 frames per second. However, that number dipped to just 14 fps when we bumped the pixel count up to x and increased the eye candy to maximum.

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In World of Warcraft, the system notched 52 fps with the resolution set to xdropping to 35 fps at its native resolution. When playing Left 4 Dead, action was somewhat choppy at x ; we had better success when we decreased the resolution to x It also flawlessly played back a 1: Acer Aspire 5738DG Day p.

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Not only were these numbers on a par with the mainstream wireless averages This system lasted about half an hour longer than the touchscreen Acer PG. In order for users to properly see 3D renderings on screen, they have to wear polarized glasses. Acer bundles a pair of 3D glasses with the notebook, as well as a pair of Dwayne Wayne-esque flip-down shades. We found the glasses--which, as cheap 3D glasses go, aren't all that ugly--to be more Acer Aspire 5738DG than the flip-down shades at bringing out images. More importantly, we found them comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. While horizontal viewing angles for the 3D screen are pretty wide--about degrees--vertical viewing angles are fairly narrow; the mere act of sitting up very straight or slouching throws images out of whack.

A good deal of Acer Aspire 5738DG are compatible with the 3D screen; it's just not easy figuring out which ones they are. There's no shortcut on the DG pointing you to a list of games or titles.

While there's nothing in the way of info on Acer's site, a number of games Acer Aspire 5738DG listed on TriDef's Web site. Finding the list of games was a bit of a pain, but we were pleased to see that there were about titles listed, from casual The Sims 2 to more graphically demanding Far Cry 2.


However, as we found out, the graphics card in the DG is better suited for middle-of-the-road games more on that later. TriDef's 3D Ignition utility will automatically scan the computer for any installed programs that will work with the screen, which you must then launch through Ignition. I should say, though, that trying to read text in this setup can be a little disorienting at times. Take this online course and learn how to install and configure Windows 10 with the options you need. You might wind up hitting TriDef's support forums to locate the latest hack drivers created by other users.

But I found that trying Acer Aspire 5738DG test a game like Batman: Arkham Asylum, for instance, was an exercise in frustration, due to an underpowered machine and beta drivers. Personally, I'd like to see nVidia's 3D Vision shutter-glasses technology find its way to laptops, because, though it is a little more kludgy, it works with just about everything you throw at it. The 3D functions aside, in general the The average experience, with regular 2D content, offers pretty good color reproduction.

In our tests, still images had appropriately deep, rich blues and bright, fiery oranges and reds. Test video clips sped along at the bypixel native resolution.

Whether we used HD video installed on the hard drive or clips streamed off Hulu, we saw no major causes for concern. It's all gravy--so long as you're looking at the DG dead-on. The screen is actually pretty unforgiving for 3D; two people sitting side by side may be able to enjoy the effects if they have the screen positioned at the precise or-so-degree angle. And when you aren't wearing your polarized specs and you're using the screen in 2D mode, you can't help but notice the lines in the panel--it gets distracting, a little too quickly. As for the Acer Aspire 5738DG of the laptop, in our tests it had just enough gumption courtesy of a 2. The DG was good enough to run through just about any basic task we tried on it. In modern games, however, it was bound to bog down a little. At by resolution with high settings, the Acer laptop generated only 28 frames per second in Enemy Territory: By the way, the 3D effects seemed to work decently well in the latter game.

This machine is not really a gaming rig, but if you keep the settings--and your expectations--fairly low, it will do fine.

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Comprehensive review of the Acer Aspire DGG50MN (Intel Core 2 Duo P, ATI Mobility Radeon HD",   ‎Review Acer Aspire · ‎Display · ‎Performance · ‎Emissions. Acer Aspire E15 iU. ATI Acer Aspire 5738DG Radeon HD Lower middle-class GPU that features a low shader count and a 64 Bit memory bus but a high clock speed.


T Entry level Core 2 Duo dual core processor with a small 2MB level 2 cache and without virtualization functions.».

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