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Start over one one side: Work your way along, using the shaft of the screwdriver to force the plastic latches to let go, but be CAREFUL not to break them, 'cause they'll Acer P191W (Digital) to do exactly that. Once the gray plastic trim pieces are off, you'll see a series of holes in the exposed part of the rear plastic casing piece. Some of the holes are rectangular in appearance, and single, while others are round and have a bit of a slot or notch in them that abuts the front plastic casing piece.

VillMan Computers

There are three of them, although only two are visible in the photo. Insert a small straight-slot screwdriver blade into the slot or notch as shown in Acer P191W (Digital) photo. Then lift the screwdriver towards the front the side you look at, where the screen is until the plastic latches release, as shown in the photo. Do this with all three of these holes, being careful to keep the stupid front plastic casing piece from returning to its original position with a happy little snap as the latches re-engage. Once these latches are clear, you may then use a somewhat larger straight-slot screwdriver to work along the opening and disengage the rest of the plastic latches.

Once both sides are disengaged, you may then continue to work around with the larger screwdriver and get the top When the last latch is disengaged, the front plastic casing piece will fall off. Note the bit of broken plastic Acer P191W (Digital) between the screwdriver and monitor.

Don't say I didn't warn you, ok? With the front plastic casing piece gone, the small printed circuit board with the control buttons on it is free to flop around in the breeze. Mind that, 'cause it's delicate and if you lay the monitor Acer P191W (Digital) on it awkwardly, the weight of the monitor, along with some nice leverage, Acer P191W (Digital) rip the wires loose.

Acer pw Specs - CNET

We don't want Acer P191W (Digital), do we? I chose not to use the little connector to remove it in my case, because I wanted full functionality following disassembly, so as I could test things. Undo the connector and remove the button board if it bothers you to leave it dangling, ok? As of right now, there's nothing in the world holding the guts of the monitor inside Acer P191W (Digital) the rear plastic casing piece, so be careful.


Carefully lay the whole schmutz face down mind that button board! This Acer monitor is made to provide an excellent viewing experience whether you are completing simple tasks or doing complex graphic design work.


The widescreen, LCD display has a You will see bright, vivid images that look lifelike. Colors will be beautifully crisp, text will be easy to Acer P191W (Digital), and the overall clarity will be stunning in full HD.


With a response time of only 5ms, you can access any content with stunning speed. At this speed, even the most intense action sequences won't be marred with blurring. These incredible specs work together to create a display that looks amazing and is Acer P191W (Digital). Easy to customize, the Acer PW monitor is adjustable to your comfort.

Both the horizontal and vertical viewing angle can be tilted to up to degrees. Viewing angles: It doesn't even come with USB ports.

Acer lcd monitor p191w problem

But as far as extras, there simply isn't much more to this display beyond its expected function. Performance We're glad to report, then, that the pw performs its expected function very well.

The Bottom Line We wouldn't pay more than $ or so for any inch LCD, but if you need a smaller screen and can find Acer's pw for. View full Acer pw specs on CNET.

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Dimensions (WxDxH). in x in x in.

Manufacturer. Acer 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD), 24+1 pin digital DVI.

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