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HP Scanjet 3c SCSI setup

Create if necessary and format the partition s you Adaptec 53C400A CRUX to be installed on. The amount of disk space you need depends on how many packages you choose to install. CRUX supports all the filesystems supported as root filesystems by the linux kernel: Further, I highly recommend separating system data from user data, i. Mount the partition on which you want to install this distribution. Type setup to start the package installation script. The script will ask where you mounted your new root partition and which packages you want to install.

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Just select the packages you want and nothing else will be installed. We had several hundred deployed 'in the wild' with pretty much every model of Adaptec ever made, with zero failures, zero issues, and greatly Adaptec 53C400A deployment. They were just rock solid reliable and even replaced their desktop models. See the pile of Adaptec 53C400A actual Compaq's the client had piled up in the corner.


Always regretted not asking "Hey, could I Adaptec 53C400A a couple of these? When you put the cover back on it, the slits lined up with the control cards meaning they couldn't lift up out of their sockets during shipping. Was a cleaner solution than going down in there with a hot-glue gun like you saw so many companies do.

If you can find them the CF -- here's an older pic of one from my collection: But if you want to go the old-school jumper route, B is a fine and dandy card that is otherwise identical. Hell, that CF pictured above is in my clone driving a 1 gig seagate right now Chuck G April 27th, Our software should be used to manage all of your network and remote printer print queues. USB printers are semi-supported but in our tests, are not yet Adaptec 53C400A enough. USB, parallel and serial scanners are semi-supported but in our tests, are not yet reliable enough.

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SCSI scanners seem to work quite well and have decent support for the most popular brands. If you are using a dial-up connection or no Adaptec 53C400A at all, choose loopback here.

Root Password Configuration Answer yes to Adaptec 53C400A question about setting the root password. Choose a secure password at least 8 chars, with A-Z,a-z, and special characters. Enter it again to confirm.

HP Scanjet 3c SCSI setup

You will not see any output on the screen for secutity reasons. You probably want to Adaptec 53C400A so.

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To install to the suggested location probably correctjust say yes to the question. Else, enter the correct device name.


You will also be prompted for special kernel parameters. If you want to use any such parameters, enter them on the line.

The kernel will use these options when booting the system later. Most computers are set to local time.

If you have a Windows operating system on your computer, this is for Adaptec 53C400A the correct answer. Adaptec EZ-SCSIa set of programs and utilities for Adaptec SCSI cards that the following driver: NCR-SDMSCA SCSI DriverHPNTx. HP SCSI CONTROLLER NCR 53C And SCSI CABEL- Tested and Adaptec ASCN SCSI Card C ISA SCSI 53CA - CONTROLLER CARD.

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