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The first time you use Fastmark and each time a new type of media is loaded length, gap, color, etc. Load the media to be calibrated, power on the printer while holding the FEED key, release as soon as media starts feeding, then cycle power after the feed AMT Datasouth Fastmark 412.

Now each time the Feed key is pressed one form should feed. How do I tell which emulation and firmware revision is loaded in my printer?

AMT Fastmark 4602 Free Driver Download (Official)

Power on holding the FEED key. Continue to hold until feeding stops then release, after a pause the configuration report will print. Press the FEED key to exit this mode. How can I fix this?

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This allows all data sent to the printer to be displayed as HEX values which is useful debugging communication and programming issues. To exit this mode press the FEED key or cycle power on the printer.

After I load media, sometimes it does not feed properly and printing is in the wrong position. How do I correct this? First, if you have just loaded a new roll, make sure you shut the top cover before AMT Datasouth Fastmark 412 or feeding media.

Also ensure the media is loaded according to the users manual and you have performed a media calibration. Which emulation needs to be loaded in my printer to use Windows drivers? The supplied Windows drivers works with all versions of the printer regardless of the emulation loaded. If drivers from other sources are used make AMT Datasouth Fastmark 412 you match the driver to the emulation loaded in the printer as follows: My printer is acting up, how do I reset it to factory defaults? The printer will then automatically perform a label calibration test. How do I change the serial port baud rate? As shipped from the factory the baud rate is set to ,8,1,N.

If in question use the factory reset method to reset the printer back to this condition. Changing the baud rate is possible through software commands depending on emulation: Changes to baud rate are stored in NVM.


Can I use thermal transfer models with direct thermal media? If so do I have to set anything on the printer?

AMT Datasouth FM PAL user manual - - Solve your problem

Direct thermal media can be used in thermal transfer models. To do so the AMT Datasouth Fastmark 412 must be set up for direct thermal mode. Under options, un-check the Ribbon selection. The emulation is PPLA as shipped from the factory.

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If there is any question do a configuration print to determine installed emulation. After making sure all options are set, either send AMT Datasouth Fastmark 412 blank label to the printer by printing or save to a file using the save to file check box. In this case the file can be used to configure multiple printers by using a DOS copy command.

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Also, if you are writing the program to send data to the printer, make sure the commands are included in your data stream. Using the save to file option under XBar is a good way to see the required programming strings. I AMT Datasouth Fastmark 412 on programming my label format on my host computer. What is the best way to determine what commands need to be sent to the printer?

The best way is to use the included XBar program. After installing the included Windows drivers, install XBar. Now design a label closely matching your intended label in XBar.

You can now open this file with any text editor for an example of the label format and setup commands. Drivers File Name Size Fastmark Thermal Printer Series (note: Windows 7 Fastmark AMT Datasouth Fastmark 412 non-plus/// (PALâ„¢/ DPI) thermal printer.


Unless otherwise specified at time of order, all Fastmark units except the FMTT ship with PPLA (Datamax) emulation loaded. The FMTT ships with PPLZ.

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