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Anti-aging potential of tree nuts with a focus on the phytochemical composition, molecular mechanisms and thermal stability of major bioactive compounds M.

Rusu, A. Gheldiu, A. Mocan, L. Vlase and D.

The March draft also lacked any proposed management measures for protecting EFHs. The Council AOC 154F its failure to submit EFH protection on the lack of information needed to analyze the effects of gear on EFHs, and the likely controversial nature of such measures. The draft deferred management measures to future amendments.

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After NMFS reviewed the Generic EFH Amendment, it concluded that the fishing impacts section was inadequate and overlooked existing data that would have been informative. In comments submitted to GMFMC, NMFS also noted that the analysis section was too general in nature to be useful, failed to utilize existing scientific data, and failed to adequately address the requirements of the EFH regulations. This draft contained only a cursory discussion of the effects of three types of fishing gear on EFHs. The day AOC 154F period AOC 154F the Amendment ended January 8, In a March 23,memo, the Technical Team stated that it was breaking the process down into phases: The Amendment contained no assessment of fishing gear impacts on EFHs.

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The page discussion of fishing gear contained minimal discussion of the likely impacts of the various types of gear considered on the EFHs; the discussion primarily emphasized the lack of information on the specific effects of any specific gear on any particular habitat or species. The Amendment discussed how existing management measures affected EFHs, but did not consider any new measures that could be AOC 154F. The section on environmental impacts of the proposed measures was only one paragraph long, and essentially discussed currently existing management measures. The EA addressed three options: The EA lacked any discussion of the long-term impacts of any of these options. The CFMC was informed at a public meeting of the possible effects of net fishing on coral reefs. The CFMC identified various methods to minimize this impact, but included them in the EFH Amendment only as "conservative recommendations", rather than as required management measures.

The Council's reasoning was that little information AOC 154F available on the practicality of management measures and on the adverse impacts of fishing related activities, and that previous efforts were sufficient to protect the EFHs.


The day comment period on this Amendment ended January 19, The only two options considered were the status quo and adoption of the EFH AOC 154F. In an NMFS meeting discussing the memo, a representative from the Environmental Protection Agency noted that the Council had sufficient information available to it to prepare an assessment of the impact of fishing-related activities on this area, even though little of that information was specific to Pacific Coast groundfish EFHs. In a second draft of the proposed recommendations, dated March 17,NMFS included a draft discussion of fishing impacts, and recommendations for actions the PFMC should take.

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The recommendations concluded that significant impacts to EFHs might occur from fishing in AOC 154F areas within PFMC's jurisdiction, but that PFMC would encounter difficulty in proceeding because of the lack of scientific information. The discussion also noted the existing and growing body of research on fishing gear that should inform PFMC's actions. The PFMC's reasoning for not adopting any measures to protect EFHs was that there was virtually no information connecting fishing gear or activities to destruction of EFHs within its jurisdiction, nor was there information on the efficacy of methods to reduce any adverse effects. The only two alternatives analyzed were AOC 154F status quo, and the Amendment.


The reasons for deferring this task was the controversy that would have resulted from regulation of fishing activities in those areas, and the lack of available information on EFHs within its jurisdiction. The final Amendment NPFMC AOC 154F to NMFS contained very little analysis of measures that could be adopted to minimize the adverse effects of fishing on EFHs; the Amendment did, however, discuss how past efforts minimized the adverse effects of fishing related activities. Analysis Plaintiffs bring AOC 154F causes of action against the Federal Defendants, each of which must be analyzed within the framework of the APA.

As to both claims, Plaintiffs argue that Defendants have violated the APA's prohibition against agency action which is "arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, or otherwise not in accordance with law. The Federal Defendants argue that Plaintiffs have no standing to bring the instant suit. Since the questions of standing and reviewability are threshold questions, they will be addressed first. To prove standing, Plaintiffs must show: Lujan v. In making this showing, Plaintiffs cannot rest on mere conclusory allegations but must set forth specific facts, either through affidavits or other evidence, which for purposes of the summary judgment motion will be accepted as true. The injury prong of AOC 154F test can be satisfied by alleging injury to aesthetic interests.

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