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Asus G50Vt(BestBuy) Notebook It gets an odd sized Memory and hard drive space are both supplied in abundance: Weight and Size When we first pried the G50 from its box and got a feel for its heft, we almost thought Asus had made a mistake and shipped us a notebook from six years ago. For a gaming notebook, some extra flab is to be expected, but the Asus even tips scales against similarly equipped machines. The Alienware M15xfor instance, hits 7 pounds flat and 1. In short: The main hook for the eyes comes in the form of copious LED lighting plastered all over the case.

Any motherboard, PC or graphics card with its fishy-looking logo has a good stab at providing gaming performance above the norm. The G50 is an attractive, well-constructed laptop with decent, if hardly stunning performance. If not for a inch gamer from Gateway, we'd say this Asus laptop is an unbeatable value. While the Gateway is heavier and has worse wireless performance, it lasts 42 minutes longer on Asus G50Vt(BestBuy) Notebook charge. I've been told from people that it's soldered on and i've also heard from a couple other people that it's replaceable.

Are you positive? If so, what exactly is the model of the motherboard should i be looking for?

Also, so you're saying i'd have to replace the whole motherboard then? Below you will see an Image. That should be the GPU. They sound good, too.

Sager or Asus. Torn between these 3 laptops.. help help help

Keyboard, Touchpad and Webcam Even though the shell and deck of the XLA didn't feel great, Asus G50Vt(BestBuy) Notebook springy keys made for great typing. I averaged a fairly quick 63 words per minute with 98 percent accuracy, thanks to its keys having a near-ideal 1.

Its plastic wrist-rests, though, did not keep me comfortable over time. The notebook's touchpad was responsive enough, but much like the rest of the XLA, felt hollow when I pressed down on the pad. While we don't expect to find high-resolution webcams in laptops, the XLA's webcam took the worst photos I've seen from any laptop in years. My selfie looked dark Asus G50Vt(BestBuy) Notebook lacked detail and focus. The black plastic circle is actually a Asus G50Vt(BestBuy) Notebook barrier to reduce heat and increase comfort when in your lap. I have seen many people ask will this fit in a The answers are as follows, the sleeve is an obvious no.

However many people think 17 inches is the next Asus G50Vt(BestBuy) Notebook up and its not, 16 inch should fit just fine. Many My Reading reviews the screen worried me a bit, while the reviews i read are not wrong there are some things you should know.

Asus X555LA Review

While tilting or rotating the laptop easily puts it out of its sweet spot, moving side to side and up and down really does not. Also i found when standing to the side of the laptop, being higher up puts you back close to the sweet spot and documented this in the last photo. While out performing the T and coming in Asus G50Vt(BestBuy) Notebook under the T it uses 10 watts less on the top end. Asus - Laptop with Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology - Brown/Yellow/Black. Model:G50Vt-X5.

5 Ways to Fix Asus Laptop Auto Shutdown/Restart

SKU This item is no longer available. But don't. Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Asus - Laptop with Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology - Black. Read helpful reviews from our.


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