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The intake for cool air is located beneath the device where it can be opened by loosening 14 tiny screws. Connectivity Due to the exhaust vents being placed at the rear end of the device, all ASUS N750JV Touchpad have moved to either the left or the right hand side.

Both sides sport two USB 3. Analog displays cannot be connected without an adapter which may or may not be a problem for some users ASUS N750JV Touchpad all, most home cinema beamers come with an HDMI port. On the right, the Blu-ray drive takes up most of the space next to the two USB 3.


Line In, Line Out and a subwoofer port, as the NJV ships without an internal subwoofer, but with an external solution which can be connected to the laptop whenever it is needed. Thanks to the balanced placement of USB 3. Solely a display or beamer connected via HDMI to the left side of the NJV might cause some problems for left-handers due to its large connector. Signal strength is above-average, beating many other devices Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E, IdeaPad A1 and remaining usable albeit getting slower even when two concrete ceilings are placed in between the laptop and the router.

Accessories At a first glance it already becomes evident that this is no cheap device. Not only the laptop plus power adapter, but also an external subwoofer and an external USB mouse ASUS N750JV Touchpad part of the package. In addition, the device ships with a user manual, a driver DVD, the warranty information plus a warranty card and a zip tie. Maintenance The maintenance hatch beneath the laptop can be opened by removing 14 tiny Torx screws. This reveals access to the ASUS N750JV Touchpad, the two hard drives and the RAM module. At the time of writing, we have no information about possible warranty extensions since they are not yet listed on Asus' website.

Touchpad not working on Windows 10 ASUS

Input Devices Keyboard Asus equips the NJV with its proven chiclet-style keyboard which comes with a clear pressure point and somewhat short key travel. Build quality wasn't as good as expected, which may partly be due to the skewed return key. ASUS N750JV Touchpad

The keyboard includes an amply-sized numpad, but the arrow keys are a bit crowded. No ASUS N750JV Touchpad special keys are equipped. Instead, as with many other laptops pressing "Fn" plus "F1" to "F12" allows the user to change some settings such as the display brightness. Touchpad The touchpad has been slightly improved when compared to the predecessor of the NJV. Tapping the touchpad lightly is now sufficient to register as a click, removing the need for pressing strongly.

Still, the upper right corner of the touchpad offers a lot more resistance to clicks than the rest of the touchpad. Presses in the lower right corner lead to a feeling as if the touchpad jams slightly maybe due to some overlap with the base unit or another component of the laptopleading to a less satisfying right clicking ASUS N750JV Touchpad. The differences in resistance when trying to click are not as bad as the "impure" sound of right clicks. In addition to this flaw, the touchpad cannot be used in close vicinity to its borders the last millimeters don't react at all. At the same time, the cursor can be moved in the "mouse click area" as well, leading ASUS N750JV Touchpad an obscured borderline between the two.

Still, the touchpad is rather well-suited during actual usage.


Most of these shortcomings except for the one about the right clicks are not that relevant as firm presses on the touchpad become too strenuous over time no matter what. Temperatures reach degrees Celsius and the frequency drops to about Mhz. Probably because the test is too short for the heat sinks to get to those high temperatures I noticed when running games, but there could be a different explanation: Even so, do not forget that this processor runs at 2. So what HWInfo shows as ASUS N750JV Touchpad is imh a normal reaction to heavy multitasking. What do you guys think? Besides that, throttling, even if present, is not something you will easily notice in everyday use. I spent many hours playing games on the N without seeing sudden frame drops or anything that would have bothered me.

Spare Parts for Asus NJV Accessoires Asus

Those being said, with browsing, watching movies, editing texts and so on, the N runs a lot cooler and quieter. Yes, it can get very hot when pushed for hours, but that was somewhat expected, given the sleeker body and the powerful hardware. So for the average user, that will not be such a big problem, but if you want a laptop for heavy stuff and serious gaming, you might want to look somewhere else HINT: Either way, if you are ASUS N750JV Touchpad the N, get extended warranty for it as well, just to be safe. Audio system Those aside, over the years, the audio system has been a strong selling point for the Asus N line.

With the new Ns however, Asus kind of messed things up. The speakers are no longer behind the punctured grills on the interior, facing towards the user, they are placed on the bottom of the laptop, facing towards the desk. On top of that, there are four of them and they are smaller than in the past. The Bang and Olufsen IcePower technology is still present, but the results, well, check out the video review and hear for yourselves.

Windows 10 touchpad can't click - Super User

ASUS powerful and brand-new N series inch multimedia laptop with stylish design, 4th generation Intel Core processors and ASUS N750JV Touchpad SonicMaster. NJV Specifications: Processor: Intel Core i7 HQ Processor - Operating System Windows 8 Pro Windows 8. DOS - Chipset Intel HM

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