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Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Modern games should be playable with these graphics cards at low settings and resolutions. Casual gamers may be happy with ASUS VivoBook S550CM cards. The base clock speed of the CPUs is relatively low, but because of a huge Turbo mode, the cores can dynamically overclock to up to 3.

The display dimensions of x seem to be low as individual pixels can be easily seen and it would have been better to incorporate a higher resolution panel instead, if not Full HD. Being a TN panel, the viewing angles suffer badly, both vertically as well as ASUS VivoBook S550CM, thus you can see ASUS VivoBook S550CM in colouration even at angles as narrow as 30 degrees in any direction. This becomes more evident when watching dark visuals as black colour quickly changes to grey when viewed from a wider angle. The colours appear a little washed out.

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The speakers are quite loud, and the clarity is good enough to be used to watch movies. Despite the fact that they are placed under the laptop and at the rear, they sound much better than those on the Acer M3 Touch, which were Dolby certified. Of course, there is always the option to plug in headphones, but it is sometimes better and more ASUS VivoBook S550CM if you don't need to plug in wires. This laptop could easily play Battlefield 3 ASUS VivoBook S550CM details set to Medium and the gameplay appears smooth at its default x display resolution.

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The laptop does get uncomfortably hot when stressed, such as during gaming for more than half an hour, especially on the side where there is the heat vent. However, the heat is manageable, and should not pose much of an issue as long as you place it on a desk while using. It is easy to deduce that the device is perfectly capable of handling office tasks as well ASUS VivoBook S550CM multimedia, and casual gaming.


However, excessive multitasking such as opening multiple programs and several tabs in browsers must be avoided as it slows down the system. A look at the Windows Performance Index shows that while the CPU is performing as well as ASUS VivoBook S550CM should, the graphics is holding back the performance for some reason.

Review Asus VivoBook S550CM-CJ038H Ultrabook

We suspect that the ASUS VivoBook S550CM Technology is probably not kicking in when it should and the integrated graphics is being used more often. Battery Life We measured the battery life by Battery Eater Pro and by actually using the laptop with the Balanced power scheme of Windows 8. The two tests run in Battery ASUS VivoBook S550CM Pro utility are the Reader's test which simulates real-world reading scenario, while the Classic test uses OpenGL rendering to simulate heavy usage such as gaming. Please note that the battery backup times logged in this way are the least that are possible in the two tests due to the maximised power consumption. You can always expect better backup times in real world usage. A battery backup time of 1 hour 40 minutes was registered in the Classic test, while the Reader's test result yielded 3 hours 30 minutes.

In normal usage that involves using office applications, surfing the internet, occasional music and video, and watching some YouTube clips, the battery lasted for over 4.

For a mAh battery, this is a good battery backup for a Windows 8 Ultrabook that contains power hungry components such as a Core i5 CPU, discrete graphics card, and a large touchscreen. Its display quality is nothing to write home about, but it is nevertheless as responsive as you ASUS VivoBook S550CM expect of a Windows 8 capacitive multi-touch screen.

ASUS provides a nice carry bag along in an attempt to take care of this issue. However, this is a ASUS VivoBook S550CM problem of touchpads lacking dedicated mouse keys.

A much bigger nuisance results from the mouse replacement's interaction with Windows 8. We experienced innumerable unintentional inputs in the test because unintentional swiping changes the "classic" Windows view to the "Metro" tile interface.

Metal-styled powerful touch Ultrabook™ with optical drive

Thus, using the ASUS VivoBook S550CM without looking is only possible to a very limited degree. However, it is generally possible to work well with the touchpad although an external mouse would certainly be recommendable for more reliable and less error-prone inputs. Touchscreen The third input device and the most striking feature of the VivoBook SCM-CJH is the touch-sensitive screen that adds another control dimension to the ultrabook. This seems to make sense alongside Windows 8 whose tile interface is just designed and optimized for touch gestures.


However, the ASUS VivoBook S550CM does not always exploit its advantages in practice. The user will move on to the classic Windows desktop most of the time which is not optimized for finger gestures. This results in regular unintentional inputs. Ultimately, there is no real productive gain or added value ASUS VivoBook S550CM the operation of the ultrabook in everyday use. Technically, the screen makes a good impression due to fast and short response times and a quite accurate detection of the various multi-touch gestures. Keyboard Touchscreen Display A Besides the highlight of this ultrabook model, namely its touchscreen feature, the user regrettably only gets standard fare. The glare-type screen in edge-to-edge design only has a resolution of x pixels.

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Hairline-spun ASUS VivoBook S550CM metal surfaces allow ASUS VivoBook S to elegantly stand out from the crowd. With its Ultrabook™ form factor, it still packs full features. To enrich and perfect your online experience, ASUS uses "Cookies", similar technologies and services which are essential to ASUS websites.

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