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The power features continue with face and eye detection, which are very handy for casual shooting at family events or while on holiday. I really love the digital viewfinder as it offers an accurate prediction of how the image will appear, with any custom settings, exposure compensation or Film Simulation options you may have applied.

The lens on the XF is the same as on previous models. Focus tracking is much improved too, while Fujifilm X100s Digital Camera focus shows the XF to be a photographic tool for every situation. The thumb stick on the rear of the camera allows for the focus point to be easily shifted around the frame Additional lenses and Digital Teleconverter Fujifilm offers two conversion lenses for the X series cameras: I pack both lenses when travelling, the latter being a favourite for closer portrait work. Newlands Valley, captured with the Fujifilm XS The XF also introduces a new Digital Teleconverter system that boost effective focal length to 50mm and 70mm approxand this digital conversion also works with the teleconverter lens attached.

You can rotate through the two additional focal lengths by rotating the barrel ring, as you would on a zoom lens. The XF is Fujifilm X100s Digital Camera fixed-lens version of X-Pro2 or X-T2, and the 35mm focal length full-frame equivalent is exceptionally versatile. We criticised the X for taking a lot of turns to change the focus from 0. This is still a viable technique, but is perhaps no longer required as Fujifilm have cleverly made the focusing ring more sensitive to how you use it - turn it slowly and the focusing distance changes slowly, but turn it more quickly and the camera quickly moves through the distance scale.


It now takes less than 2 full turns and a couple of seconds to jump from the closest focus distance to infinity, a big improvement on the X The XS also now offers not one, not two, but three ways of manually focusing. Firstly, there's a handy blue distance scale along the bottom of the viewfinder both the OVF Fujifilm X100s Digital Camera EVF and on the LCD screen if you're using that for composition, with a red bar indicating the the focusing distance and a white bar showing the depth of field, which actually changes in line with the current aperture Fujifilm X100s Digital Camera very clever.

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You can press this in to magnify the view in the electronic viewfinder, with the ability to then pan around the frame by pressing the AF button and spinning the command dial. This makes it much easier to judge precise focusing.

Fujifilm X100S

The second manual focusing method is the new Digital Split Image feature. Harking back to film cameras of the past, this displays Fujifilm X100s Digital Camera images on the left and right which then need to be lined up together for accurate manual focusing, enabling accurate focusing especially when shooting wide-open or for macro shooting. It's much easier to understand in practice than written down. The third and final method is the Focus Peak Highlight function, which displays a white line around the subject when it's in focus, something that Sony NEX users in particular have been enjoying for a while. Both of these additions make manual focusing on the XS more of a pleasure than a chore, although the revised fly-by-wire manual focusing ring operation is arguably more important.

To make the camera even less obtrusive, there's a Silent menu option which turns off the speaker, flash, AF-assist lamp and most importantly the artificially-created Fujifilm X100s Digital Camera sound, instantly making the XS perfectly suited to candid photography.

The Fujifilm Finepix XS offers not one, not two, but three ways of composing your images. In addition to the high-resolution 2.

Optical viewfinders are something of a dying breed amongst modern cameras, so it's very refreshing to see the reverse Galilean model on the Fujifilm X100s Digital Camera, with a 0. Quick Menu Side So far, so good - but this is no ordinary optical viewfinder. Fujifilm have implemented an integrated prism for the electronic viewfinder onto the optical viewfinder, with the latter able to show the shooting frame and a variety of shooting data.

FUJIFILM XS (Discontinued Model) Fujifilm Global

So you get a large, bright optical viewfinder which shows a bigger area than what the camera actually captures when you take a photo, useful for seeing when moving subjects are about to enter the frame, overlaid with useful information including exposure compensation, Fujifilm X100s Digital Camera speed, aperture, focusing distance scale, an electronic level and histogram there are 14 options in total - even the focusing point is highlighted! The EVF also has an increased resolution of 2. The Fuji X has a contrast detection autofocus system, but the Fuji XS has a hybrid AF system that uses either contrast or phase detection depending on the situation. The camera decides which system to use depending on the AF point selected and the brightness of the scene.

If the brightness of the scene falls below 3EV, the Fuji XS will default to using contrast detection focusing.

Fujifilm X100S Review

There are also changes to the manual focus system, and the Fuji XS debuts the world's first Digital Split Image Fujifilm X100s Digital Camera. This makes use of the camera's phase detection pixels which double as green pixels to create a double image that is than merged into the image from the other pixels. It's essentially a form of digital rangefinder focusing. In addition, the movement sensor on the manual focus Fujifilm X100s Digital Camera has been upgraded to detect movement with greater precision - which Fujifilm says will make it more responsive. The user interface gains all the improvements Fujifilm has made in its X-series cameras over the past few years, including an onscreen 'Q' menu to access major settings, and a much-improved tabbed menu system.

Fujifilm XS key features Fujifilm-designed Many of these address bugs and quirks highlighted by users and reviewers, demonstrating once again Fujifilm's laudable desire to listen to feedback and learn from it.


Some controls have been subtly tweaked, movie mode is much improved, and small but important operability issues have been addressed. Side-by-side with the Fujifilm X20 Here's the XS side-by-side with the X20 that Fujifilm announced at the same time we reviewed it earlier this year.

Fujifilm XS Review: Digital Photography Review

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Buy with confidence as the.

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