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When you install Linux, you'll need to specify the location of the modem serial port 1, 2, 3, or 4. You'll need fax software to take advantage of a fax modem.


Some fax modems require special programs: If Hyperdata 5300 VGA using an ISDN card to emulate a modem or network card, you should have no problem. You can grab a driver and description of the process from http: You can grab a copy from ftp: Other Devices These days, it's hard to buy a PC that's not gussied up with a slew of additional components, such as sound boards and network cards.

In this section, we'll run down the most popular of the add-ons and other miscellaneous components. Sound Boards Linux supports a wide range of sound Hyperdata 5300 VGA, including: In addition, the following sound boards can be coaxed into working under Linux, provided you install the proper patches and drivers which can be found at the accompanying Internet addresses: Not every feature on every sound board is supported, however.

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Why would you use a sound board and Linux? Well, Doom works much better when there's sounds of agony to accompany the Hyperdata 5300 VGA bits of blood and brain tissue. In addition, there's a new breed of Internet audio software that's actually supported for use under Linux. Some of it's actually pretty cool, such as the Real Audio real-time audio decoder.

We'll be covering sound, Linux, and the Internet throughout the course of this book. Basically, if you use a serial mouse with Linux, you'll just be Hyperdata 5300 VGA the system to look to a specific serial port for the mouse. You'll learn this in Chapter 2 and the Linux installation.

Linux Configuaration and Installation Chapter 1

The same goes for trackballs and joysticks that run off a serial port. The following mouse models are explicitly supported under Linux: To use other mouse models, you'll need to grab a patch. These would include the Sejin J-mouse the patch is at ftp: If your joystick doesn't work, you may want to check out one of the joystick drivers at ftp: In addition, touchpads that emulate a mouse like the Alps Glidepoint should work if they precisely emulate a supported mouse. Printers Essentially any printer connected to a parallel or serial port that works under DOS should work under Linux. During the installation, you'll be asked to specify which port contains the printer. There are special programs that enhance the basic printing capabilities: HP LaserJet 4 users can grab free-lj4, a printing modes control program, at ftp: The issue becomes a little dicier when dealing with XFree86 and Ghostscript, the utility used to Hyperdata 5300 VGA and print PostScript documents.

Ghostscript allows you to print PostScript-formatted documents on non-PostScript printers; much of the UNIX documentation that flows down the pike is formatted with PostScript, and this capability is very Hyperdata 5300 VGA.

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Ghostscript supports the following printers: Ghostscript will be covered in much more detail in Chapter 5. Scanners Slackware Linux right out Hyperdata 5300 VGA the box doesn't support any scanners. However, several folks have contributed scanner drivers and programs to the Linux community, and there may be a program available on the Internet for your particular scanner. Be warned that some of the products listed here are commercial products. Scanners with support software available include: A4 Tech AC ftp: Video-Capture Boards Slackware Linux doesn't support any video-capture boards right out of the box.

To use such a board, you'll need to make sure that the board has a driver, and then go out and grab that Hyperdata 5300 VGA from Hyperdata 5300 VGA Internet. Boards with Linux drivers available are: Data-Acquisition Equipment Hardware used for data acquisition is not explicitly supported in Slackware Linux, but you can grab software from the Linux Lab Project ftp: Additionally, we've not heard complains with proprietary drives from the likes of SyQuest and Bernoulli.

Records - of - Asrock AGC Intel VGA Driver for Vista 1. Hyperdata VGA Driver.

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