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Blickenstorfer -- view PDF version -- view case study of MR-1 as dive support computer When you think of rugged notebooks, you generally think of big, heavy machines, and most of them are.

It measures just 6 x 4. It is a fully rugged, full-function ultra-portable Windows computer with amazing features.

And don't expect many compromises in what seems an impossibly small machine. There are very few.

In fact, almost none. That should come as no surprise as the GoBook MR-1's origin lies in General Dynamics Itronix GD2000 UPEK Fingerprint resolve to creating a small form factor computer for industrial, governmental and military applications. The goals were lofty: And make it so that it could also be connected Itronix GD2000 UPEK Fingerprint a helmet display, pass MIL-STF testing, be upgradeable to Vista, accommodate all the latest wireless voice and data services, and protect data as securely as a bank vault. One look at the specs shows that General Dynamics Itronix began with an early concept and then added a whole lot of performance, shock-mounted components and wireless connectivity that is not available in the FlipStart, in addition to ruggedness, durability and a three-year warranty.

It illustrates just how small this technological marvel is. We've seen a good number of attempts at very small Windows machines.

Making one is a formidable challenge just from a packaging and miniaturization aspect. Worse, customers expect long battery life Itronix GD2000 UPEK Fingerprint go with a "PDA-size" computer. And that isn't easy when that same computer should also run Windows as quickly as a standard notebook.

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That is a Itronix GD2000 UPEK Fingerprint order, and the reason why designers of micro PCs, and also of the earliest Tablet PC slates, often looked to alternate processor technologies, such as the now departed Transmeta Crusoe, chips from VIA, and lesser Intel offerings. The problem was always the same. While customers appreciated the slight increases in battery life, they deemed performance unacceptable, and almost invariably, the product either died or was upgraded to a "real" Intel processor, and larger size. General Dynamics Itronix did not fall into this trap and equipped the GoBook MR-1 with a proper processor from the get-go. Proper, of course, is relative.

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The latest Intel chips are Intelbased Core 2 Duos that support such things as high definition video, That is not necessary for a machine like the MR General Dynamics Itronix picked a 1. The corresponding Ultra Low Voltage Core Duo chip, the U, would already consume 9 watts, and the speedier frontside bus models several times that. Which means that the Core Solo chip is perfectly suited to the MR It is also powerful enough. In our testing, which consisted of a good workout and everyday use of various programs and applications, it never displayed any of the lag that plagued earlier attempts at micro Itronix GD2000 UPEK Fingerprint pretty much everything happens instantly. That is one of the most gratifying aspects of the MR-1 -- it's as quick or quicker than many full-size laptops.


The disk is a 40GB 1. An 80Gb disk is available via a stackable expansion module more on that concept later also.

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A hard disk heater is standard, and customers can order the MR-1 with a 16 or 32GB solid state hard disk instead. Itronix GD2000 UPEK Fingerprint production unit plastic will likely have a somewhat different texturing, but all else is final. It's a clean, functional device that fits right into the new General Dynamics Itronix design language that unifies the entire lineup under the prestigious "General Dynamics" brand and portrays a sophisticated high-tech image. Wireless Offering a wide variety of wireless options and flawless wireless performance has always been high on Itronix's priority list, and the tradition continues with the GoBook MR As improbable as it seems given the tiny form factor, the GoBook MR-1 can simultaneously have and use four integrated radios -- three wireless RF modems and a GPS receiver.

The GoBook MR-1 has several embedded antennas.


They offer exceptionally good reception, but also add some bulk via the sizeable antenna bulge on the upper left side of the display. There is also a connector on the backside of the GoBook MR-1 for an external antenna.


Stunning Display Running all of Windows on a very small screen is always a challenge. Today's applications simply take a lot of room. Itronix GD2000 UPEK Fingerprint GD UPEK Fingerprint driver for Windows 7 - Itronix GD UPEK Fingerprint driver from for Windows 7 / Windows 7 x Dell Latitude E XFR UPEK Windows Biometric Framework Driver Itronix GD UPEK Fingerprint Driver B for Windows 7.

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