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The inch model of the UFT boasts a Hz field refresh rate which helps to prevent motion blur issues when watching fast-paced scenes. The inch Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV has integrated Wi-Fi and is powered by a robust quad-core processor for speedy app loading and stress-free multitasking.


You can connect a keyboard and mouse Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV use the LG 65UFT for browsing as you would on your desktop or laptop. Ultra Luminance Technology helps to deliver brightest colours and darkest blacks. The TV boasts a Hz field refresh rate for virtually blur-free viewing. Armed with an improved WebOS 2.

Samsung UN65HU Manuals

The inch TV is powered by a quad-core processor and features built-in Wi-Fi. The integrated web browser will be useful in checking your social media accounts and doing online transactions.


The stunning curved Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV offers significantly improved field of view for a highly panoramic effect. Like most high-end TVs from its maker, the Samsung UN65HU has a Quad Screen feature that lets you split the large display into four sections for different purposes. Screen Mirroring allows you view your mobile device content on the TV, which comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi. The incher features a 4K UHD display which accentuates Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV that may ordinarily be overlooked on lower-resolution sets.

A list of suggested settings based on the measurements taken during the review can be found here.


As the graphs above show, the HU delivered a very good greyscale performance out-of-the-box, apart from a minor excess of green and a deficit of blue which resulted in a slight yellow cast; whilst the gamma was tracking around our target of 2. The colour gamut performance was also impressive, with all the colours measuring close to their targets and combined DeltaEs errors all below the visible threshold of three. Overall this is an excellent performance and given the available calibration controls we would expect to improve this still further.

Calibrated The HU includes both a two- and a ten-point white balance control, so it was a simple task to get all three primary colours to measure in equal amounts. This resulted in errors that were well below the acuity of the human eye, delivering a smooth transition from black to white that was free of discolouration. The gamma was still mostly tracking around our target of 2. All the colours were hitting their respective coordinates for Rec. There was a tiny amount of under-saturation in red but this certainly wasn't visible and, just like the greyscale, this is a reference colour performance overall. We have come to expect a high degree of accuracy from Samsung TVs when it comes to the greyscale and colour gamut and the HU certainly didn't disappoint. Black Levels, Contrast Ratio and Dynamic Range The only area where the HU showed any real weakness was in terms of its backlight uniformity, which was very slightly patchy in places.

It was mostly limited to the bottom left hand corner, so it's possible that this was the result of damage because based on the packaging this sample has been shipped around a fair bit. In addition, our review sample was an early production model so we would expect those that ship to stores to be better. The backlight uniformity for this sample can be evidenced by the ANSI graphic below, which shows measurements for each of the black and white squares. The backlight uniformity was significantly Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV by using the Smart LED feature and the Cinema Black mode also proved very effective when watching 2. The Samsung includes their Smart LED feature and when activated the measured black levels reduced to 0.

The ANSI contrast ratio was also quite reasonable, coming in at 1, Anything outside a 90 degree radius began to look a bit washed out, so correct placement will be critical, especially since the panel can't be swivelled. However the curved nature of the screen does actually help in this aspect because when viewing at an angle the far edge of the screen is curved towards the viewer and thus isn't as washed out. Video Processing The video processing on the HU is especially important because for the time being, all the content you will be watching on it will be upscaled to the native 4K panel. Thankfully the video processing was absolutely superb, with all the content we watched being deinterlaced and scaled perfectly to match the 4K panel.

The HU proved extremely competent at deinterlacing and scaling standard definition content, with clear and crisp reproduction of fine details and no unwanted ringing. The Samsung also had no problems detecting both 3: The HU aced all the other tests as well, delivering an almost flawless performance in every regard. The quality of the video deinterlacing at i50 was just as good as it was for standard definition and there were no apparent Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV with 24p content.

All this content was perfectly scaled to match the panel and the motion handling also proved to be quite impressive for a LCD TV. However if you watch a lot of fast moving sport, then you might consider the Motion Plus frame interpolation feature, although as always we would Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV recommend using it with film-based content.

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Samsung had added a new feature this year called Auto Depth Enhancer which adjusts the contrast of areas of the image to create an added sense of depth. Unfortunately Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV is no control to turn this feature on and off, so whilst it might be very effective there was no way being able to effectively quantify it's impact.

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Gaming Performance The increased image processing definitely impacted on the HU's input lag measurements and in Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV calibrated Movie mode there was a delay of ms. This be could reduced to 91ms by selecting the Game mode but this is still too high for serious gamers, although renaming the input 'PC' managed to get the lag Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV to 58ms. This relatively high number is 20ms more than the H and no doubt this increase is a result of all the additional processing; we suspect this will be the case for all the UHD TVs that are currently being launched.

This is still on the high side and although it probably won't bother casual gamers it will certainly be noticed by those who play a lot. We actually fall into the former category Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV thus our meagre aiming skills weren't affected by the lag, instead we just enjoyed the bright and detailed images that filled the inch screen.

Out-of-the-Box — Normal Mode: The combination of the higher resolution panel, superior video Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV and excellent image accuracy resulted in pictures that were genuinely impressive. PP Bag Package Weight: A replacement remote control units and will work as well as the originals. Visit Samsung today for 4K UHD HU Series Smart TV - 65" UHD 4K Flat Smart TV HU Series 8. Solutions & Tips, Download Manual, Contact Us. 65" UHD 4K Flat Samsung UN65HU8500F LED TV TV HU Series 8. UN65HUF.

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