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If we change the picture mode settings first, we will lose them all, and have to do them again. Now is as good a time as any to make sure you have fairly recent Nvidia drivers. Once installed, pull up your Nvidia settings and go to the "Change Resolution" tab. You'll want to choose x as your resolution, and 60hz as your refresh rate. These might already be selected. Next we want to make sure that our output color is correct. Once setting RGB and Full in windows we will need to make sure that we have also Samsung UN40JU7500F LED TV the correct "Full" level in the TV, or the colors will be compressed.

Samsung UN40JU 40" p UHD LED LCD Internet TV eBay

I will cover this below in the "Setting up PC mode" section. Once the settings are applied, we can move on to our picture settings, and not worry about having to redo anything. Setting up PC mode: Press the "source" button on Samsung UN40JU7500F LED TV remote, and you will see the following screen.

Navigate over and select your input in our example HDMI1 and click the select button. Push the down button on Samsung UN40JU7500F LED TV remote or long press the select button to reveal the semi hidden input options menu. You are now in PC mode. We have one more last setting before you can finally see the colors and quality of this screen in their full glory.

Navigate to the picture settings menu you should know how to get here by now Scroll down to the second page, and select "Picture Options". Ignore the fact that menu option is greyed out in my screenshot above, it shouldn't be in yours If you want to make any preference adjustments, we can go back to the picture menu and make them there. By default there are two separate picture modes in PC mode, "Standard" and "Entertain". I don't know what's so entertaining about the "Entertain" mode, it just kind of scorches my eyeballs, so I leave mine in Standard.

This is where we start getting into very subjective territory though. As for contrast, brightness and sharpness, I feel all of these hit it pretty well with their Samsung UN40JU7500F LED TV settings.

Samsung UN40JU7500F 7 Series - 40" 3D LED TV

If anything is too dark or too bright for you, make adjustments to the backlight, before touching the brightness setting, as changing brightness from its default values can compress the color space. I found the default backlight I think it was 12?

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At this setting it matches my Dell FP side monitors pretty well in brightness. If you have any side monitors, you have probably noticed by now, that compared to the Samsung TV, they seem kind of yellow. This is due to an effect called "white balance".

Samsung UN40JU TV Summary information from Consumer Reports

Our eyes adjust to the white balance of the light around us automatically all the time, and it ranges from warm to cool. While there technically is no such thing as a correct white level, CCFL backlights like in traditional LCD monitors are probably closer to normal light.

TV purists hate this, and tend to stick to their plasmas, but most peoples eyes adjust very quickly, especially with a large screen up close like this, and suddenly everything else looks yellow, including that supposedly highly color accurate IPS panel sitting right next to your TV. If you are just using one screen, I suggest leaving Samsung UN40JU7500F LED TV as it is. If you want the whites to better match the other screens you have hanging around we can make a white balance adjustment. Options are "Cool", "Standard", "Warm1" and "Warm2" I found even the warmest setting Warm2 to be cooler than my IPS side monitors, but at least now they are pretty close.

I should note that this is the simple way to try to control white balance. Setting up Game mode: Again, lets press the "source" button on your remote.

Navigate over and select your input in our example HDMI1 and push the down button on the remote or long press the select button to reveal the semi hidden input options menu again. This is where you gasp and say, "Oh Samsung UN40JU7500F LED TV god this looks horrible, is my gaming really going to look this bad!". Discover the latest features and innovations available in the 40 inches Class JU 7-Series Curved 4K UHD Smart TV. Find the perfect TVs for you!

Samsung UN40JU7500F 7 Series - 40" 3D LED TV

Type, Curved 4K UHD TV with Full Array Backlighting. Screen Type, Curved Smart TV with Apps, S-Recommendation and Full Web Browser. Voice Interaction.

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