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Other Blu-ray features include a scene search, which is designed to let you easily find actors, characters, and scenes in a film.

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None of the Blu-ray discs we had on hand had this feature activated, so we couldn't test it. There's a marker key that creates a bookmark, Samsung BD-P1000 Player you can quickly return to particular scenes; HD-DVD also has this feature. We tried an SD card with photos from Samsung BD-P1000 Player 5-megapixel camera, and the Samsung displayed them at high resolution, although it took an agonizing five seconds or so to switch from one photo to the next.

Naturally, you'll need to use the component-video or HDMI output to get Samsung BD-P1000 Player high-def resolutions that make Blu-ray discs look best. While p is technically a better format than i, it's very difficult in practice to tell the difference between the two. As with the Toshiba player, the Samsung's component-video outputs are subject to image constrainta copy-protection scheme that give studios the option to limit resolution on titles they Samsung BD-P1000 Player. So far, no discs in either format exercise image constraint.

Samsung BD-P - Review - PCMag UK

In terms of audio, the Samsung BD-P includes both optical and coaxial digital outputs and a set of 5. For some strange reason, the 5. The HDMI output can also pass digital audio. According to Samsung, however, the BD-P cannot play those soundtracks. Samsung BD-P1000 Player

Customer reviews

November 9, It seems that a lot has been said already. Since I purchased my HD ready set 5yrs ago, I have been consistantly disappointed with the quality of HD that I've been able to get at home on it. You know how it Samsung BD-P1000 Player, it just never looks as good as it does on the showroom floor Well, this is what my HD Ready set has been waiting for. Subjectively, it sounded absolutely great, with better clarity and range than the more compressed audio formats typically presented with regular DVD movies Dolby Digital and DTS.

Even with a modest stereo setup, I believe most people will be able to notice the improvement over the same audio track heard on a DVD title. Optical and coaxial digital audio outputs lack the bandwidth to support the full quality of uncompressed PCM or Dolby Digital Plus, and the audio will be downsampled if these connections are used.

Samsung BD-P1000

Blu-ray movies can incorporate robust menu systems and additional interactive multimedia features. Most Blu-ray titles I've seen provided a stylized pop-up chapter selection menu that could be Samsung BD-P1000 Player with a press of a button on the BD-P's remote.


The pop-up menus didn't interrupt movie playback, and the chapter selections included a thumbnail image from the scene. Nothing spectacular, but it worked. The Fifth Element on Blu-ray takes it a small step further by offering a "fact track" special feature that would occasionally augment a scene with additional pop trivia related to the actors or the movie itself. I wouldn't describe this feature as very interactive, but the potential is there for the inclusion of movie-related games or other forms of entertainment. Though not interactive at all, the BD-P's rendering of movie subtitles was excellent, with anti-aliased fonts that were exceptionally legible. I was somewhat surprised when Samsung BD-P1000 Player BD-P ejected a Blu-ray movie with the message "unreadable. Videophiles and professional calibrators will appreciate an "Easter egg" that Sony has added to the initial Blu-ray movies I've seen so far.

At a movie's main menu, key in the number and a series of HD test patterns begins to play. The selection of test imagery includes color bars, a resolution-test pattern, a grayscale ramp, and other screens that can be used to optimize the picture quality of a Samsung BD-P1000 Player display.

I see them as high-definition video discs that are more alike than different. Both formats use blue-violet lasers to read the media. Blu-ray disc player. Media Type.


BD-R, BD-RE, BD-ROM, CD, DVD, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM. Video D/A Converter. 12bit / MHz.

DVD Repeat Modes. With all that said, the Samsung BD-P is in many ways less satisfying than a regular DVD player. Discs still take a long time to load, we.

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