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I did not test whether the hub feeds power into the uplink USB port. Sometimes they reconnect with a different device, sometimes they do not. Sitecom DC-010

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The only error messages in the logs are plain vanilla USB device disconnects. While this may look like a power-issue, measurements with a digital oscilloscope found absolutely no Sitecom DC-010. I suspect this is a problem with the USB driver that does not manage to work around some brokeness in the hub chip.


The hub has no current-limiter at all and plugging in some peripherals will hard crash your Raspberry Pi, something I do not observe with better hubs. Appears to result Sitecom DC-010 significant slow downs when the USB is under load, such as running the root file system from a USB drive.

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Dynamode 7-Port USB 2. The Raspberry Pi also fails to boot when powered off this hub, with or without the interconnect plugged in. Stops the network from working when connected to the Raspberry Pi after booting the Raspberry Pi - cannot ssh to the Raspberry Pi. This hub also appears unable to Sitecom DC-010 an external USB drive using a y-cable as it gives the error message in dmesg Sitecom DC-010 providing external power to the Raspberry Pi.

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Leaks power to the Raspberry Pi through the uplink. Doesn't work with Raspberry Pi, unless the Raspberry Pi is powered by a second power source. This hub is completely generic and I've seen it being sold under different brand names as well. Sitecom DC-010

Therefore, a picture is included for easy identification. Revision B is working perfect. The version C is completely unuseable Sitecom DC-010 PI.

When connected while booting the kernel hangs during boot. When connecting later it Sitecom DC-010 works. When this is done the ports do not provide any power. I assume this is caused by the reset logik that turns of power Sitecom DC-010 an usb reset is given. Internally, two daisy-chained Genesys Logic 05e3: Causes Ethernet instability when used under very specific circumstances, in X UHT 4-port powered hub. As of Wheezy, if any USB 1. Occurs even if power is not attached not a power leakage problem.

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ACARD AEC-6896 PCI 4 Channel RAID ControllerDC-010 v1 001
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Also, turned out to be somewhat more Sitecom DC-010 to the combination of two particular low-speed devices. There is no diode. To make it compatible, remove the board, cut the trace between the diode pads D1 and install a 1a surface mount diode. As an alternate you can just cut the trace and it will require external power. The ic will still be powered from the bus because there is a second trace from the 5v input. Only works for low power devices card readers? It doesn't boot when hub connected to Raspberry Pi.


The funniest thing is that Raspberry Pi powers on when I plug in this hub to normal size USB port not that small dedicated port. Listed in lsusb as Genesys Logic. Fails to deliver Sitecom DC-010 power to connected devices even when using AC power supply. Connecting Pi as specified below will cause the hub to lose 4 of its 7 ports, seen on 2 new items both from Media Markt. At first it works, showing as 2 times "Genesys Logic, Inc.

After a Sitecom DC-010 reboots, one of the two disappeared. Inland 4-Port USB 2. Ethernet failed, slow response, in LXDE. Get the most out of your DCv PCI V modem.

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