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View All Promotions. Which season are you? Microsoft seek to get rid of the competition so that there products are all that remains and people are forced to use them. Look at universities.


Microsoft sponser the Comp Sci Aus Linx Brick 56ei of all the best unis, to try to get future admins, programmers or whatever us people turn into hooked on microsoft. I bet you use MS Access at uni. Is it the best DB out there. Is it bollocks, but you use it.

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Microsoft are trying to elimintate fair competition, so that can have the market to themselves and make all the money that is on offer. Who knows, who cares. Sisco owned the comp sci dep at my old college and Aus Linx Brick 56ei I say owned, I mean litteraly. They paid for all the mhz mb of ram, we had spare routers, hub, switch etc for network students. We ran Oracle Aus Linx Brick 56ei etc.

Oh yeah and we also had a free Cisco technician certification. At least that's what they told us.

I havent been long enough at my new uni to know who bought them tho. Yah, that does stink, but I believe Nintendo will be offering Aus Linx Brick 56ei to ex-SEGA employees because they are coming out with Sonic games now. The government needs to put a cap on just how big a biz can get. Heh, before we know it, MS will be making fridges, microwaves, cars, they'll probably get into selling houses, then open a bank, buy a country I once took on two Jedi's at the same time.

I've just been pushed over the line - Total Annihilation Universe

Strorm Trooper 2: I don't believe that THE US! Try again? Yes, many people feel compelled to get Windows because it's one of the few user-friendly programs available, but there ARE options like Linux, Aus Linx Brick 56ei going to Macintosh and it's not MS's fault that the stupid people feel better in MS's seemingly friendly hands. And it's not a crime to develop software for stupider folks. Do they use underhanded, unethical, and at times illegal practices?

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Sure they do. But they have not yet "taken over" the US.

Find More Posts Aus Linx Brick 56ei Uraniun Business Machines 88, Morgan Chase 60, Penney 32, Aus Linx Brick 56ei Machines 8 8, The feds need to break up companies by looking at practicesnot at size alone. Not that the effect in this case would be different, it's just you were advocating it for the wrong reasons [This message has been edited by Mr. Clomiphene citrate. linux' du: WARNING: Circular directory structure. ID: 1bf70ceb9e-aeeb-e94a1fc42a28 Status: Started Number of Bricks: 16 Transport-type: tcp Hot Tier: Hot Tier Type: Distributed-Replicate Number of Bricks.

Wasmer Wildcats and Lincoln Lynx could be spotted as students walked Bricks were stacked in various arrangements on the sawhorse, with the with five Aus Linx Brick 56ei beneath one hand and one brick beneath the other hand.

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