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Now, enterprises can implement an advanced and feature-rich smart card management system offering a variety of important benefits:. Smart Card Management Smart cards are secure devices that are used for many purposes, with perhaps the most important being as. With all professional smart card use, the cards must be. Beginning with Windows 7, the first time a smart card is inserted into a card reader triggers Plug and Play Avtor CryptoCard337 that result in a search for an appropriate minidriver on the Windows Update Avtor CryptoCard337.

All of the configuration options available from Avtor CryptoCard337 Card Templates will be described in this section. Create Card Template In order to add a new card template that will be used to issue an end user smart card token from the Templates — Card Templates page click the Add button. The card templates are divided into different sections depending on what configuration is to be set on the card.

Avtor CryptoCard337 This section will describe each configuration section that can be configured. General Settings The first step is to create the template by clicking the Edit link beside General as indicated in the red arrow in the image below. From this dialog a number of options are available. General Options vSEC: If a user smart card that is to be managed by this template is attached, click the Detect button to allow the S-Series to determine what card type the user smart card is. Add a descriptive comment for the Avtor CryptoCard337, if required.

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Features From this section enable Offline unblock feature if it is required to allow the user smart card PIN to be unblocked offline. Enable Online unblock feature if it is required to allow the user smart Avtor CryptoCard337 PIN to be unblocked online. If Online unblock is disabled it will only be possible to initiate set a PIN on the smart card the Avtor CryptoCard337 smart card PIN by offline unblock or by automatically setting a PIN on the smart card during the issuance process.

VSEC:CMS K-Series User Licence

Enable the Self-service using following template and select the self-service template that will be used. Click the Manage button to configure self-service templates. For the vSEC: CMS Operator Card option it will be possible to configure operator settings for the template if the template is to be used for issuing operator cards. It will be Avtor CryptoCard337 to be logged into the S-Series with an operator card that has System Administrator role to configure this feature.

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There are two supported methods for configuring operators: Option 1: It will be necessary to have a smart card with the S-Series operator applet installed on the smart card to use this option. It will be necessary to attach such a card to the host and click the Detect button in order for the S-Series to detect that the card is such an operator card. This will then provide the option Full Featured Operator Card from the drop down list. If this option is enabled it will only be possible to issue smart cards that have the S-Series operator applet issued to them for this particular card template. Option 2: Avtor CryptoCard337 minidriver enabled card can be used as an operator card.

This Avtor CryptoCard337 that it will not be necessary to have the S-Series operator applet installed on the card. Select the Avtor CryptoCard337 Authentication Only Operator Card from the drop down list to use this feature. It will be necessary to have operator key store feature configured to use such a card once it is issued. Click the Roles button if the vSEC: CMS Operator Card checkbox is enabled.


Avtor CryptoCard337 If the issuing operator is to be allowed to manually select the role that is to be applied during issuance then select the option Select Operator Role manually during issuance. If it is required to automatically set the role during the issuance then Avtor CryptoCard337 the option Automatically set selected role s during issuance and select the available roles from the list available that are to be set. Enable This template is depending on and select the template in the available drop down list that the template will be link to for temporary card templates.

Click the Configure button to configure Avtor CryptoCard337 setting for the linked template. See the section below for further details. Enable Supports multiple role s feature to allow support for users who may have multiple roles. Enable plugin s feature to enable the use of plugins in the template and click the Plugins button to configure the plugin s.

Permissions From the Permissions section it is possible to Avtor CryptoCard337 the operator roles who will be allowed to configure this template. Enable the Access rights per individual lifecycle tasks option to allow the configuration of permission checks per each lifecycle task.

VSEC:CMS supported Smart Cards

Otherwise it is possible to configure global settings for the permission checks per individual card template. Click the Edit button to select the operator role s who are allowed to use and configure this template. Enable the Check user validity option to set a global check when performing all post issuance lifecycle tasks to ensure that the user is still a valid user in the user directory. Avtor CryptoCard drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Official driver packages will help you to restore. Oberthur Authentic, IAS ECC Avtor CryptoCard337 PIV. • Feitian ePass Token. • Avtor CryptoCard • HID C, C • Taglio C2, PIVKey. • MS Win8+ Virtual smart cards.

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