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Send us your tips and questions. Can I execute applications on the Win95 partition from NT so Award 4.50g I don't have to install the same applications on both partitions?

Unfortunately, you have to install Award 4.50g applications on both partitions. NT and Win95 often use different files and don't always share a Registry function. My preference is to install to the same location. This approach saves disk space, but you have to uninstall the software in both OSs, which can leave garbage in either the NT Registry or the Win95 Registry.

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The obvious solution is to avoid dual booting. Unfortunately, the group Award 4.50g consists of 21 characters, and User Manager for Domains won't let me delete the group because it doesn't recognize names containing more than 20 characters. Do you know of any other way to remove this group? I'm running Windows NT 4.

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Readers who are not familiar with the differences between User Manager for Domains and usrtogrp. User Manager for Domains lets you create a local group so that you can grant permission to local resources, or Award 4.50g a global group so that you can organize users according to a functional trait e. You Award 4.50g always add a global group to a local group. All group names must be unique to the domain where you administer the group.


NT restricts global group names to 20 characters with the exception of the following characters: Adding individual users to groups in User Manager for Domains is easy, but adding multiple users at a time is difficult, which is why many administrators choose to use the usrtogrp. At that point if the drive is not responding I Award 4.50g place it in a static bag then inside a zip-lock bag and place it in your freezer overnight. Install the drive fresh out of the freezer and Award 4.50g to boot. If this fails I would consider the drive dead.


I'm assuming it is a pretty old drive, you could attempt a low level format from the BIOS. Otherwise swap out another HD. Award 4.50g Welcome It is a policy of this service to post Award 4.50g as comment unless you are absolutely sure you have the answer to a problem.

This way the question isn't Award 4.50g to others. Can already access HDD though a: Sorry I haven't responded sooner.

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I'm ready to throw in the towel. The CD driver that is listed Award 4.50g the config file isn't anywhere on the c: After installing it, the CD drive still doesn't respond.

I would hit F1 and it would continue to boot as usual, like nothing ever happened. I've tried changing the floppy drive and cable but that didn't help. Download the latest Award g device drivers (Official Award 4.50g Certified).

Award g drivers updated daily. Download Now. Some releases of AWARD BIOS G and G have Award 4.50g Y2K problem. Furthermore, it seems that some of these BIOSes destroy the Day and Month settings.

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