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Yet other embodiments include a member that may be physically removed for insertion, or that remains connected Datafab POSM-USB can be ejected or rotated to be coupled with a host device. Yet other embodiments utilize a flexible material or substrate in the body of the card that can be bent Datafab POSM-USB that either part of the card body or part of the member bends in order to facilitate coupling with the host device. Communications for purposes of mass storage and for carrying out transactions can also be made without plugging the drive in, through near field communications circuitry provided in the device.

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The device may also communicate via a magnetic stripe interface, Smart Datafab POSM-USB interface, or through the contacts of a male connector that physically plugs into a female receptacle of the host device. The present invention comprises a flash memory based mass storage drive having the length and width of a credit card, so that it may easily fit in a wallet. This thickness of the CCFD may vary depending on the credit card Datafab POSM-USB ability to accept cards of varying thickness.

USB 2.0 6 in 1 Flash Card Reader/Writer

Datafab POSM-USB some embodiments, the thickness of the CCFD is substantially uniform, whereas in some other embodiments, some portion of the card may be thicker than another portion of the card. While it is desirable to have the body of the CCFD relatively thin, for example, the thickness of a standard credit card approx.

A USB flash drive comprises Datafab POSM-USB mass storage flash memory, which may be comprised of one or more integrated circuit die. As a credit card form factor has a large surface area, the integrated circuit die can be distributed over the area of the card.

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In such an embodiment the integrated circuit die need not be stacked, and the thickness of the credit card can be minimized. Alternatively, the integrated circuit Datafab POSM-USB can be located in a centralized area.

All or a portion of the member Datafab POSM-USB be as thick as required for proper seating in a USB receptacle. The following figures illustrate different embodiments of the present invention.


Different aspects of the embodiments may be interchanged with other of the embodiments. The host interface is preferably a USB interface and the host interface connector is thus one of the many types of available USB connectors. Other types of host interface connections such as IEE a. In certain embodiments, the NFC controller Datafab POSM-USB eliminated and the functionality integrated into memory controller The Smart Card interface is preferably controlled by memory controllerbut a separate Smart Card controller not shown may instead be integrated into the drive. MI may be self contained or may interface with memory controller for storing and retrieving transactional data in and from flash memory For more information on integration of a Smart Card controller in the mass storage drive and for NFC communications, please refer to application Ser.

For simplicity, the contacts of the Smart Card interface will not be shown in various views of the drives, but may be present at a sufficiently Datafab POSM-USB portion of the drive, typically near where MI is shown. For more information on the smart card contacts please refer to the ISO standards which have been incorporated by reference in the entirety.

When the CCFD is connected with a Datafab POSM-USB device, and the host is connected to the Internet, financial and user identity data stored in the flash memory may be transmitted to processing entities to facilitate transactions. Referring to the figures, an example CCFD will be described. Since the extension 13 is narrower than the portion 11end surfaces 12 and 14 of the main body portion 11 exist on either side of the extension Four electrical contacts 37 - 40arranged according to the USB specifications, are provided on the flat surface of the extension In order Datafab POSM-USB protect the contacts 37 - 40 when not being used, a cover 43 is rotatably connected with the card so that it may be closed to cover the contacts 37 - 40 when they are not being used the position of FIGS.


These positions are shown to be one hundred eighty degrees apart. In Datafab POSM-USB specific example, the cover 43 is attached to the card portion 11 at its end surfaces 12 and 14 by respective hinges 45 and 47 that allow for such rotation of the cover 43 by hand.

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The cover 43 has thick side portions 49 and 51 to which the hinges 45 and 47 are respectively connected. The side portions 49 and 51 fit around the extension 13 when the cover is closed, and Datafab POSM-USB thin layer 53 of material spanning between the side portions 49 and 51 covers the contacts when the cover 43 is closed. The layer 53 has a size that is approximately that of the extension 13 in order to cover it when the cover 43 is closed. An end portion 55 spanning the side portions 49 and 51 is also preferably provided as part of the cover When the cover 43 is closed, its end portion 55 fits over an extreme end of the extension In order to be compatible with the USB specifications, the addition 13 has a minimum length of 12 mm. The main body portion 11 of the memory card of FIGS. The thickness may vary in the different embodiments.

These dimensions may vary from those stated, if a non standard credit card or USB plug is desired. Also, different styles of USB plugs may be utilized. For example, a smaller USB plug may be utilized. The cover 43 is made to have the same outside width of 54 mm.

The extension 13 has a thickness 43 of 1. In order to hold the cover closed, a latch 57 may be provided Datafab POSM-USB the inside of one or both of the side portions 49 and 51 of the cover 43 to snap into mating receptacle s not shown on the side walls of the extension ‧Support UDMA IV mode. ‧True plug & play, and hot swapping. ‧View, edit, and copy photos/data/music. ‧USB speed - Fast data/files access and transfer rate. POS CF-SD. Hi-Speed USB CF+SD Flash Card Reader. FEATURES: ○ Support CF Type I, CF Type II, CF Extreme IV, MicroDrive, SD, SDHC, and MMC.

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