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Serious theoretical study in this field started in and, during the Alloy IP-515H two decades, considerable success in understanding the electronic structure of simple metal alloys has been achieved.

Nikolay Yefimov graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in with a specialization Alloy IP-515H "physics of metals". Nikolay Yefimov is author of more than scientific publication, including monograph Quasicrystals and nano-quasicrystals are new promising materials. The use of relatively low-voltage demux logic in some embodiments allows base to include efficient mechanisms for communicating image information for different operational modes.

Tile Alloy IP-515H one example of various signals which may be exchanged according to one embodiment for generation and communication of image information. Tile may include some of all of the features of tilealthough certain embodiments Alloy IP-515H not limited in this regard.


In an embodiment, tile includes an array of piezoelectric transducer Alloy IP-515H which, for example, provides functionality of transducer array Certain features of tile are discussed herein with respect to operation of an illustrative piezoelectric transducer element PZT of array —e. However, such discussion may be extended to additionally or alternatively apply to operation of some or all other transducer elements of array Array may be adjacent to and supported by a base which, for example, provides some or all of the functionality of base For example, such integrated circuitry may include control logic which is programmed to implement a state machine for variously transitioning between different operational modes of tile By way of illustration and not limitation, state machine may be configured to successively configure some or all of a sequence of modes Sa, Sb.

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The sequence of modes Sa, Sb. In an illustrative embodiment, tile is operable to receive signals—as represented by the illustrative Seq —which program state machine for the sequence of operational Alloy IP-515H Sa, Sb.

Such programming may be Alloy IP-515H before tile receives other signaling for state machine to begin such a sequence. For example, the programming may be performed before tile is Alloy IP-515H be adapted as a component of some probe device not shownand even before manufacturing of tile is complete.

Piezoelectric transducer device with flexible substrate

Alloy IP-515H In operation, the control logic of tile may successively configure operational modes Alloy IP-515H, Sb. Such signaling may include, for example, a next transmit Tx beam signal which specifies that state machine is to transition tileaccording to the sequence, from any currently configured mode for ultrasound beam transmission to another mode for a next ultrasound beam transmission.

The Alloy IP-515H mode to be configured may, for example, correspond to a particular subset of the transducer elements of array which are to participate in the next ultrasound beam transmission. Configuration of the next operational mode may include state machine generating signaling to directly or indirectly select that particular subset. For example, tile may include multiple circuits each corresponding to a different respective piezoelectric transducer element of array Similar circuitry of tile not shown may be variously dedicated to additional or alternative piezoelectric transducer elements of arrayaccording to different embodiments. In an embodiment, tile includes a plurality of timer circuits each for a different respective one of the transducer elements of array Such timer circuits may include a timer corresponding to PZT Where PZT is to participate in Alloy IP-515H next beam transmission, state machine may signal timer to indicate selection of PZT State machine may variously signal other such timer circuits to similarly indicate selection of other associated transducer elements of the subset.

In response to state machinetimer may send an output to pulse circuitry of tile Although certain embodiments are not limited in this regard, a timing of output may be regulated by one of Alloy IP-515H signals received by tile by the remote system. By way of illustration and not limitation, timer may receive one or both of a transmit control clock and a fire Tx beam control signal. When set to a particular logic level, the received fire Tx beam may enable timer to output —e. However, any of a variety of additional or alternative mechanisms may be adapted to control a timing of output In an embodiment, output is provided to pulse logic of tilesuch as the illustrative three-level high voltage pulser Pulser may reside in a voltage domain of tile which is characterized by relatively high voltage operation, as compared to one or more other voltage domains of tile Pulser may provide for any of multiple different voltage levels in this example, three levels of voltage for driving PZT to generate a pressure wave.

Alloy Computer Products - Australia - IP Paging Systems

Such a sense signal may be prepared for subsequent processing in a comparatively low voltage Alloy IP-515H of tile Alloy IP-515H Seattle Patent Attorney's Take on All Things g: H. Description: IPEMD E8A, from Ed Ellis and the Iowa Pacific Holdings in Chicago Illinois.


Photo Date: 5/28/ Upload Date: 6/27/ g: Alloy.

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