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We ran this on our ABIT BX-133 RAID in our main review, and we got some very impressive results. Another thing which we would recommend is a copper spacer, which have just been developed for the socket A CPUs. These have been around on Intel CPUs for a long time.


If you're not planning to overclock, we would recommend getting a cooler such as the ABIT BX-133 RAID range: They are good value and also have good performance, some of them are even currently performing better than Alphas in our labs! Another thing, which a lot of people tend to forget about, is the Arctic silver thermal paste.

Abit BX133-RAID Motherboard RAM Memory Upgrades

This is very important in a system: Now I hear you asking what graphics card should you use? Well as this write-up is based on the performance vs. If you are prepared to spend more, and I mean 4 times as much, then you should look at the new Geforce Ultra based cards. These are serious power kits: If you are hanging out for the chipset and the DDR memory based board, then you could wait a little long for the Geforce 3 to be released. Then you will have a serious powerhouse. Cases ABIT BX-133 RAID cases - cases.

ABIT BXRAID motherboard - TechRepublic

Well, this is a very sticky subject. Which do you go for? Well neither would I! If ABIT BX-133 RAID was to buy a case I would probably go for an Aopen HX08 case, which is built like a tank, it is very strong and has good mount points. If I was to get it I would also take the time in modding the case, putting in some fans and blow holes and also cutting out the central bit of the case to allow better air flow when the cables are installed. Another popular option seems to be the GlobalWin case, which you can buy modded or not, but these things are good cases and rock with 4 MM YS-Tech fans mounted in them.

There are a lot of online ABIT BX-133 RAID who are happy to do the modding for you, at an extra charge.

Abit BX133-Raid

This is also an important part of the system with a lot of people running Geforce 2s on an AMD Athlon based system. For this you will be wanting a W or higher PSU.

I would recommend paying the little extra and getting the Enlight W power supply. Another important thing in your system is the monitor. For high-end systems we would recommend getting something such as the Mitsubishi 19 inch flat screen. They are very nice screens and have a good reliability, and ABIT BX-133 RAID good picture quality.

The next ABIT BX-133 RAID which you need to get for your system is a hard drive. This is a very fast and good drive. Some of Hexus.


For sound cards there is only one way to go, and this is with Creative Labs Live range. It is the only one which we would look at.

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For example the Live Platinum 5. These are both good cards, the Live will feed your HIFI and mini disc player with the optical out which most of you will want. Jut shame that the Vcore regulator is not at least two ABIT BX-133 RAID one This board has an ISA slot too, but I think I could even desolder it and no-one will probably miss it Arctic Cooling fan.

Heatsink was meant for Socket A. It is very nicely quiet, thatnk to the fan, but the bottom was terribly odd. On glass piece I was lapping it with grit for over 30 minutes!

On Socket A, where the core is small it probably did not matter much, but when we tried to use ABIT BX-133 RAID before on Celeron II, witch die is pretty big, it did not cooled a thing and the overclock has to go down significantly Originally it has also temperature control there is a hole in the side of the heatsinkbut it get broken and as consequence Ondra's CPU died on him, when cooled with this Titan So, lap, lap and once again - lap heatsink to be flat Futhermore I discovered a great page of guy goes in nick Rayer, who was played much with this board and moded the bios for it - Rayer moded bios Abit BXR So now it does support even Tualatin Pentium 3 CPU's!

If that help me to fix my mouse jerking problems, it will be great Mouse jerking was finally solved by reflashing of bios again with these parameters: Apparently ABIT ABIT BX-133 RAID the good ol' BX still has some life left in it and they've brought us the all new BXRAID. What more could you  CPU Interface‎: ‎Socket By now all of you out there in overclocker land should know the name ABIT by now and some of you during your overclocking days most likely.

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