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I usually buy a batch of Toshiba or IBM laptops at the beginning of each summer, clean them up and max-out the ram, then resell them in August for the back-to-school rush. I also tend to always keep one for my own use. This year I didn't anticipate keeping one as Lenovo ThinkPad T20 3Com LAN already had what I considered the perfect pair of laptop computers for my use. This pair was perfect because the IBM, as a full-sized laptop weighing only 5lbs makes a perfect general purpose machine for me, replacing a desktop at home Lenovo ThinkPad T20 3Com LAN fulfilling both my computing and entertainment needs when I travel, which is frequently. The Portege, at 3. Complaints were few, mostly related to smallish screens and cramped keyboards, but the big one was always the need to carry an external floppy drive to share notes with my classmates.

Incompatible IR is a problem facing almost every brand of laptop, when used with almost every other brand.


Lenovo ThinkPad T20 3Com LAN tend to share files well with Toshibas, IBMs with IBMs, but rarely do the lines cross, which is strage for something that is supposed to be industry-standard. Those three aspects are an excellent There are other benefits as well, as having a bootable optical drive makes installing the OS a piece of cake, and of course it is a corporate-class ThinkPad, so its built like a tank.

The case is of an extremely high-grade plastic that simply feels expensive. If you read my review of the T23, you will note that I lamented on a decline in material quality in switching from an older T Well, even that T20, which I considered flawless in assembly and clearly superior to anything I had owned before, pales in comparison to this E. The T20 and even the current T40 Lenovo ThinkPad T20 3Com LAN terrific computers made of quality materials T22 seems to have been a low-point in IBM casings for their corporate-class, though still far better than consumer-gradebut the E is simply at another level.

The casing, while still made of admittedly high-quality plastics, is coated with a rubber-like paint that adds a certain luxury to the finish, as well as resistance to minor hits. This same material covers the top and bottom covers, resulting in a laptop computer that feels more like a piece of military equipment than some disposable electronic toy.

Debian HCL - IBM / ThinkPad a21p

I sold four ThinkPad and E laptops only difference is processor speeds and graphics chipset and each and every one of them was the same, leading me to believe that these models simply hold up well to everyday use. So how is it in operation?

Actually, with the latest PowerDVD 4. Extremely visually intense scenes can pixelate a bit and there are occasional, but very minor stutters, however it is far better than the playback was on my first DVD-enabled laptop, which was a MHz Pentium III Toshiba Satellite with a supposedly better video chipset.

IBM ThinkPad T20, T21 Notebook Windows 2000, XP Drivers, Software

DVD playback is only one aspect of laptop performance, but it was a very cutting-edge measure of performance back when the E was new. Part of the credit goes to the fast 8X Sony combo drive, which clearly eclipses the 2X drives that were sold with high-spec Es.

Of course, that the E was built using high quality components without any design bottlenecks at the motherboard level means that an almost 5-year-old MHz Pentium II laptop performs far better than one might expect it to in today's context. The key, of course, is choosing the right software. As described above with PowerDVD, using the latest version resulted in choppier playback, and the software maker is not to blame.


The newest PowerDVD is a better program than the old version that I use on my E, with more features, and on a fast-enough machine Cyberlink lists a Pentium II as the absolute minimum it has better playback with more control over the movie. On the old machine, the old version makes sense as when it was released, MHz was about the fastest processor for desktop computers, while a MHz Pentium II was only about two years old, and still a very common machine. To release a DVD app in the year that wouldn't run well on a PII would alienate customers, and so features were reduced to create a smaller, faster program.

It works the same with every other app, and even Lenovo ThinkPad T20 3Com LAN operating system itself.

Teaching an old dog new tricks: ThinkPad e NotebookReview

Windows 98 is positively blazing in its speed on a E though too unstable a system for my needswhile Windows XP can run well, but really wants more processing power to render all of its fancy graphics and power all of its background protections. Windows is a happy medium, booting Lenovo ThinkPad T20 3Com LAN a bit slowly, but providing a very responsive computer once booted-up.


Hibernation and full ACPI power management mate well with the E, which is modern enough to take advantage of both of these features, while the W2K OS is as robust as XP, and thus, suitable for a work or school laptop where reliability are every bit as important as features. I round out my E's software load with the very latest patches to Internet Explorer 6 and Office Professional. Lenovo ThinkPad T20 3Com LAN file email, contact and calendar database in a much clumsier manner than the older versions. Drivers For Free software scans your computer for missing and outdated drivers.

IBM ThinkPad T20 2647 Specifications

This site maintains listings of network drivers available on the web, organized by company. I doubt I will get and answer from my daughter before tomorrow. Fixes: Fix for Windows XP InstallShield issue. This package installs the LAN driver to enable the following device: IBM 10/ Ethernet Mini.

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Version - Remote CMOS Update Utility diskette for LANClient Control Manager (LCCM) Modem driver (3COM Mini PCI combo card) for Windows - ThinkPad . Hibernation utility diskette - ThinkPad /X/Z, /E, A20, T20, X Lenovo Power Management Driver for Windows (bit, bit), 8 (bit.

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