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Logitech K810 Keyboard SetPoint design of the keyboard is characterized by the lack of any sharp angles as every single corner is rounded in some way, creating a modern, yet soft look. While real Aluminum is used on the front of keyboard, the frame and the rest of the keyboard is clearly plastic. Luckily the plastic areas are hidden from view and the single sheet of Aluminum is all you see. The diNovo Edge with its Orange lights stood out, while the soft lines and soft glow of the White backlight on the K clearly is aimed at having understated elegance.

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The K has a lot in common with the Apple Wireless Keyboard which admittedly has one of the best designs on the market, yet has a totally different, but equally attractive look. Both have Chiclet keys, aluminum build and lacking a palm rest or number pad and both are full-size keyboards Logitech K810 Keyboard SetPoint a very compact frame.

All keys, except for the top the F keys and Logitech K810 Keyboard SetPoint row, have a concaved shape, deeply curving inwards and nicely match the shape of your fingers. The rest of the keys including the Space button bulge upwards allowing you to clearly distinguish these from the other keys. The edges of these keys are also slighty rounded of, making them even more comfortable as you glide from key to key.

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For a keyboard this thin, the K has plenty travel, but not too much for it to feel too cushy or requiring too much force. Once you start typing they have almost the same comfy, satisfying and cushy travel of normal keyboards, without being too shallow Logitech K810 Keyboard SetPoint what you get with laptop keys, it sort of sits in the middle of two, but pushing more towards a traditional keyboard.

Just like the K, typing is extremely quiet matching the legendary diNovo Media Desktop. This is done by using a scissor-like mechanism Logitech K810 Keyboard SetPoint has a folding X-shape. This shape is also said to distribute the typing force, even when you hit the key near its edges, but due to the concave shape, your fingers are automatically drawn towards the center.

The K for example had keys that were way too close to each other which increased the risk of pressing the wrong key or two keys at the same time. After years of perfecting this technology, I can finally say that Logitech has worked this to perfection. Despite not being overly bright, the keys are clearly Logitech K810 Keyboard SetPoint and I would consider the light a perfect balance between being elegant and understated on one side and functional and visible on the other. All keys except the space button have a soft White glow that never really gets too bright.

The Caps Lock button also has a separate soft Green glowing light when activated.

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For the sake of design and uniformity we kind of wished they used a White light, but the Green is more functional, although less Logitech K810 Keyboard SetPoint and It does take a tiny bit of the overall look. The Logitech name and logo positioned at the top of the keyboard also glows with the rest of the keys, giving the keyboard a uniform and high-end feel. After my purchase I found out that the default configuration uses the F-keys for the extended functionality on a direct key press.


In order to use the regular F-keys the user has to hold down the FN-key in Logitech K810 Keyboard SetPoint. As I want to use the keyboard mainly on a regular PC I could not live with it. Luckily Logitech offers a configuration tool for there range of mouses and keyboards under the name "SetPoint" for Microsoft Windows.


However I was disappointed when I figured out that the configuration is not permanently stored in the keyboard and has to be sent everytime the keyboard is turned on. I analyzed the communication Logitech K810 Keyboard SetPoint the HID device and created a small piece of software to sent the configuration message to the keyboard.


Follow the link below to learn how you can customize your keyboard using Logitech SetPoint mouse and keyboard software. NOTE: If you Logitech K810 Keyboard SetPoint. Questions about your Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K? We've got the answers, videos, downloads and information you need. Search for articles or select a  ‎Specs Technical specifications · ‎Spare Parts · ‎Warranty · ‎Bluetooth Illuminated.

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