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Dell Dimension (Pentium 4 3GHz review: Dell Dimension (Pentium 4 3GHz - Page 2 - CNET

More about dell dimension upgrade Best answer Apr 22,1: It seems as if you have done enough research yourself for your upgrade, but regardless I have conducted research too. Unfortunately I do not own a Dell Dimensionso I cannot provide a response based upon experience with that specific machine. Firstly I'd just like to mention that Pentium 4's are extremely Dell Dimension 9100 NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Display processors, and in they're at the bottom of most, if not all CPU benchmarks. Unfortunately Pentium D's are not far off P4's either, they're not too good in performance, even though they're dual-core. Intel Core 2 Duo and Quad C2Q CPU's are still ranked high-end in benchmarks processors would be a major upgrade to your computer, however as you know, they are not compatible with your motherboard; even with the BIOS update.

Anyhow, if you're looking to upgrade your computer I'll provide some assistance. However the advice I was given by others when upgrading my P4 machine was to save up my money, instead of upgrading. Once I have saved up my money, just build your own machine.


I actually didn't listen to that advice completely as I did not have enough money for a new machine, but did have money for little upgradesI did upgrade my P4 machine, but I did eventually upgrade two years later by building a new machine. The Pentium Dand are guaranteed to work i. You do not need to worry about the L2 cache, it will not "burn" your motherboard in anyway, instead you will gain benefits of a larger CPU cache.

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Again the Pentium Dand are compatible with the Dell Dimension I'm sorry but I don't completely understand your question regarding the GPU. If the graphics card you're looking at fits the slot i. PCI-Ethen you don't need to worry about it destroying the rest of your machine.

Need help for my old Dell Dimension 9100 upgrade

However you will need to look for a small graphics card, as I have noticed that you are confined for space in that Dell Dimension case. Regardless, there are no compatibility issues with your motherboard and the GPU. As a little note, the GeForce GT will probably still work with your current PSU but I wouldn't risk it; it could cause your computer to randomly shut down or other problems could arise.

Regarding Windows and RAM. Concerning the 2GB ram in one slot, it may be problematic in the future when you upgrade. I have experienced users installing 6GB RAM into their motherboards, when their chipset only allowed 4GB RAM, and they ran into issues where their computer would randomly reboot after a period of time. If you can Dell Dimension 9100 NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Display the above for only bucks, I think that's grand and you should go ahead and give your computer a little more life. If you're going to upgrade your PSU, that will also add in additional costs however; and if you're going to insert a branded PSU, the cost is not going to be cheap for the PSU alone. All the best, and I hope your upgrade goes well. Hello and good morning to you too, or night as it maybe now.

Good day to you obnoxious! Thank you for the quick reply, i am fulfilled with your answers, which means i don't have to worry about the processor upgradeand yes the GPU upgrade limits by the space inside CSU Caseand knowing the wattage sorry for the ignorance, should have seen complete specs of gt required will not meet my current PSU which is the original one that's why i don't want to replace Dell Dimension 9100 NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Display so knowing from it, I should pick a lower VC that matches my current PSU which will save more: D and gladly about the RAM, wish it doesn't affect the board for i have been using it for a week, i'm going to take that 2 gb off after i post this.

I am very very grateful to your reply Thank You Very Much!

Can't find your answer? Get the answer Apr 23, Firstly good day, and I hope you're upgrades are going great; if you're still looking for a graphics card to upgrade to, I might just want to add a few additional notes.

You can see their discussion thread here. That individual has inserted the GeForce GT with a Dell watt PSU, and claims it runs fine; of course I can't guarantee it'll work for you, but it seems to work for that individual.

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Sorry I didn't mention this earlier, I had just stumbled across it today when researching. That graphics card will work with your computer with no upgrades necessary to the PSU; just plug and play. It is capable of running a few games at full setting, such as Call of Duty 4 although you may need a better processor.

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You should be able to pick one of these cards up for cheap, however reviews say that the graphics card's fan makes a loud noise. The HD is also extremely small, so size should no be an issue either by the way.


I have a Dimension with GeForce (1 DVI + 1 VGA out), I connect 2 screens (Dell FPW and Dell FPT). I would like to have. I'm looking to upgrade the RAM in my dimension and I'm running in on the Intel site's documentation and doesn't show any real differences.

get a significant upgrade for my geforce card with these limitations?

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