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Sager and Clevo

Before You Leave -we welcome comments and suggestion The Chillblast Defiant and Ubuntu Linux - Background and Requirements We spend quite a bit of time away from home and we have two MSI Wind Netbooks which have enabled us to keep up to date with most activities and provide music through the WiFi and bluetooth connection on our narrowboat and even watch some TV through a dongle. They are many years old and have been running out of power. But what finally precipitated Pete into looking for a replacement was the old video camera gave up and the replacement was, of course, HD and the ageing desktop could barely handle the load of video processing, leave alone the netbooks. During investigating a replacement it became clear that the nearest specification to meet our requirements Sager NP7330 Synaptics Touchpad to designated ''gaming' computers with both fast processing and good graphics.

In looking through possible machines we came across the Chillblast range - they have a very good reputation for their desktops but have also started to produce some 'gaming' laptops including a small one called the Defiant which looked powerful enough to even handle video editing. We always keep up with pictures on route but this would give the opportunity to keep up with videos to avoid Sager NP7330 Synaptics Touchpad the huge backlog. The Defiant has a Haswell architecture with an Intel Core i7 Quad processor effectively 8 through hyperthreading and two graphics processors, the integrated Intel GPU and an extra nVidia M Graphics Processor Unit GPU combined with the Optimus technology which only powers up and uses the power consuming discrete GPU on demand thus providing a reasonable battery life.

We wanted obviously wanted a machine which was light for traveling but powerful and versatile enough to replace the Desktop and was largely self contained.

- This website is for sale! - dieforpak Resources and Information.

The Defiant has a The following notes on the installation of Ubuntu are based on Sager NP7330 Synaptics Touchpad Road to Freedom - A progressive migration from Windows to Ubuntu for Safety, Security and Savings in Home Computing and this will eventually provide a third part to that series - perhaps we will call it The High Ground. It has a vastly powerful Core i7 MQ 2. It has Optimus technology so when I am using the machine for something less demanding than Video processing, the GeForce switches off and the Intel HD takes over, saving considerable power. It has a The Defiant measures mm x mm x mm and weighs 2. The MSI Wind has 5. It should be a huge improvement.

With Optimus you can choose when to use the more powerful and battery consuming nVidia graphics card or to use the integrated power saving Intel or ATI graphics. This allows you to improve your Sager NP7330 Synaptics Touchpad life while also giving you access to more powerful graphics when needed.

A project called Bumblebee enables nVidia Optimus enabled laptops to work in a Linux systems. The latest versions provide some automatic power management so the nVidia Graphics card is Sager NP7330 Synaptics Touchpad off when the machine is started to save power and heat generation and is only turned on for programs which require it. A program which requires the graphics processor is specifically started in that mode by the user through Bumblebee and the Graphics card is automatically turned off when it is exited. Despite what people say it works on both 32 bit and 64 bit Linux kernels and the 32 bit systems seem to be more robust and supported.

Again I expected a certain amount of configuration involving editing files but that has been limited and mostly for early testing. Chillblast are being very helpful and I now know that the Defiant is based on the Clevo WSST chassis and I was able to download a 'generic' manual from the Clevo web site which answered some of my questions on the BIOS whilst I was awaiting delivery.


There is also a lot of information in these threads http: There are other firms using the chassis in the USA but nothing like the coverage as the Sagar. Things Done before installing Linux with dual boot.

Download Sager NP Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Windows , Windows 64 bit

This is not going to be very different to the approach in The Road to Freedom except that Backup will not be so important as it will be a largely empty machine however Virus Sager NP7330 Synaptics Touchpad and firewall ought to be installed even if Windows 8. So the plan which was largely followed so I have put times from opening the box in hours and minutes in brackets was: Set up Windows 8. Explore Partitioning and Partition Drive under Windows to give large unallocated space at early stage before Windows has spread all over it. F2 on Defiant to enter Bios 1: Probably need to turn off secure boot in BIOS.

Note Mint 16 Petra took a lot longer initially as workround is required. Make sure Windows own Virus checker and firewall are active.

Sager and Clevo

Info on Windows 8. Download on another machine and transfer and install before connection to internet.


To enter Setup, turn on the computer and press F2 give the system a few seconds to enter Setup; the F2 on screen will be highlighted to illustrate that the system is processing the request during the Sager NP7330 Synaptics Touchpad or press F7 for boot options. To see the boot options press F7 there seem to be two wide windows of time so this is easy with a LiveUSB but DVD drives may not be ready and require a pass in an out of the Bios Setup to buy time. Free Download Sager NP Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Windows (Keyboard & Mouse). It involved installing the latest synaptic driver from their website, going into Device Manager, and changing the driver associated with Touchpad  Sager NP / Clevo WSD Review by HTWingNut.

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