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Trademark All registered and unregistered trademarks and company names contained in this manual are property of their respective owners including, but not limited to the following. Intel, Prescott, and combinations thereof are trademarks of Intel Corporation. Microsoft, Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Tomcat i7230b /// S5161

Notice Information contained in this document is furnished by TYAN Computer Corporation and has been reviewed for accuracy and reliability prior to printing. In no event will TYAN be held liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damage, loss of use, loss of data or other malady resulting from errors or inaccuracies of information contained in this document. The box Tyan Tomcat i7230B (S5161) do not include any driver diskette. Please use the included driver CD to make a driver diskette. Refer to Appendix II for the information on how to make a driver diskette. Introduction Congratulations You have purchased one of the most powerful server solutions. This motherboard represents the best choice for a server platform product. Board Installation You are now ready to install your motherboard.

Before continuing with installation, confirm that your chassis supports an ATX motherboard. How to install our products right the first time The first thing you should do is reading this user s manual. It contains important information that will make configuration and setup much easier. Here are some precautions you should take when installing your motherboard: Unplug the power from your computer power supply and then touch a safely grounded object to release static charge i. For the safest conditions, TYAN recommends wearing a static safety wrist strap. The following pages include details on how to install your motherboard into your chassis, as well as installing the processor, memory, disk drives and cables.


The board you receive may or Tyan Tomcat i7230B (S5161) not look exactly like the above picture. The board you receive may not look exactly like the above diagram. It is designed for OEM use only.

FAN2 These connectors support the tachometer monitoring and auto fan speed control. This connector supports the tachometer monitoring and auto fan speed control.

Tyan Tomcat iB (S) Free Driver Download (Official) -

These studs are usually metal and are gold in color. Usually, the chassis manufacturer will pre-install the support studs. If you are unsure of stud placement, simply lay the motherboard inside the chassis Tyan Tomcat i7230B (S5161) align the screw holes of the motherboard to the studs inside the Tyan Tomcat i7230B (S5161). If there are any studs missing, you will know right away since the motherboard will not be able to be securely installed.

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Some chassis include plastic studs instead of metal. Although the plastic studs are usable, TYAN recommends using metal studs with screws that will fasten the motherboard more securely in place.


Below is a chart detailing what the most common motherboard studs look like and how they should be installed. Tyan Tomcat i7230B (S5161) the TYAN website for latest processor support: Processor Installation The processor should be installed carefully. Make sure you are wearing an antistatic strap and handle the processor as little as possible. Follow these instructions to install your processor 1. Locate the processor socket on the motherboard and lift the protective cover off as shown. This new processor socket designed by Intel is easy to be damaged. The processor has to be installed very carefully to prevent the contact pins of the socket from breaking.

It is strongly recommended the processor installation job to be handled by the experienced technician. Pull the locking lever out of it s locked position and let it spring into the open position. Lift the metal cover to expose the socket interior and place the socket in as shown. Close the cover and return the locking lever to its locked position. Cooling Fan Installation After you have installed the processor, the heatsink should be installed to ensure Tyan Tomcat i7230B (S5161) the processor runs efficiently and does not overheat. Use the heatsink supplied for Tyan Tomcat i7230B (S5161) results. TYAN, Tomcat iB are trademarks of TYAN Computer Corporation. Intel, Prescott, and. the Tomcat iB S matches the ATX specification.

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Before. Tomcat iB S Board Parts and Jumpers. DDRII 4. DDRII 3. DDRII 2. DDRII 1. PCIX-P1. PCIX-E1. J CPU.

Tyan Tomcat i7230B (S5161)

P 2W. PW1. J 9. 1. LAN2. LAN1.


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